Apr, 27
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The 7 Habits MaximizerTM

Effectiveness is the result of a proven process, not an event. An important part of that process is applying the concepts in a meaningful, relevant way.
The 7 Habits Mazimizer workshop will help you increase your effectiveness and impact at work by showing you how to apply The 7 Habits to your role.

The 7 Habits Maximizer workshop is an ideal solution to help employees make a significant, meaningful contribution to their organization, regardless of their role or position. This powerful workshop will give participants the skills that will enable them to:

• Increase effectiveness and impact in their current role.
• Gain a greater level of influence over important projects and initiatives.
• Strengthen relationships at work
• Achieve a healthy work/life balance

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Signature Program 4.0
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