Officially Starting The Leader in Me Program with The National Evangelical Synod

August 30, 2016

After struggling for the last 2 years to fulfill Starmanship's mission in reaching the youth and kids at schools, the dream finally comes true! Starmanship had signed with the National Evangelical Synod in Lebanon a 3 year contract in all their 6 schools all the way from the North to the South, in order to implement FranklinCovey Co.’s "The Leader in Me" that has achieved international acclaim. The Leader in Me is a transformation process that teaches students leadership and 21st century skills to be able to thrive and face the future. Its objective is to “Develop Leaders, One Child at a Time...”
Congratulations to the Synod schools for being pioneers in implementing this program in their schools. 
At Starmanship we are taking this important mission to heart and hope to ignite true change in Lebanon starting with the young generation. We appreciate all your support in this exciting endeavor!
Details as appeared in An-Nahar...